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8 oz ectotainer® Hot Cup |Compostable PLA Lined | Made in USA

Biodegradable - Certified Compostable - Eco Friendly

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8 Ounce Disposable Hot Cups

BPI Certified Compostable Cups - Eco Friendly

  • Made in the USA
  • Biodegradable
  • Commercially Compostable
  • PFAS Free
  • Lid Sold Separately
8 oz Hot Cup(PLA Lined) by Ecotainer® - Made in USA
Biodegradable Hot CupsThe paper Hot Cups are lined with Polylactic Acid (PLA) - A CORN BASED RENEWABLE RESOURCE renewable resource. The PLA coating on the inside is... SKU: SMRE-8
Manufacturer SKU: SMRE-8 GREEN Product: Biodegradable and compostable products packaged using a recyclable polyolefin thermoplastic. Please protect our environment by recycling all packaging.
  • Completely Heat-Stable
  • Superior in Strength and Performance
  • Withstands Boiling Water
  • Refrigerator Safe
  • Suitable for Hot/Cold Food and Beverages
  • Impermeable and Non Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Petroleum Free

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BPI Certified

CMA Certified

SFI Certified