Compostable Taster Spoons in Bulk Packs

Ideal Ice Cream (Sample) Tasting Spoons ...SEE Wooden Tasting Spoons

This spoon is 4" in length, for Ice Cream or hot foods up to 185 degrees F

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For foods up to 185 degrees F
Biodegradable PLA Tasting Spoons Long Handle
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Environmentally Friendly Tasting Spoons

Disposable Spoons (Bio-Resin) made from renewable corn

Sample Tasting Spoons Made from a crystallized PLA resin derived from corn, a renewable resource, our cutlery is fully compostable and biodegradable in approximately 100 days in properly maintained compost facilities. These eco-friendly tasting spoons are a big favorite in ice cream parlors are also perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, business functions, trade shows, festivals or fairs, catering and events of any size. SEE Wooden Tasting Spoons...

Manufactured by Stalk Market®
Manufacturer SKU: CPLA-006

GREEN Product: biodegradable and compostable products packaged using COMPOSTABLE materials.

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