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Quality Biodegradable & Compostable Products

No charge for samples, pay only shipping. +$10.00 Off your first order coupon included.

Sampler packs are designed to provide you with real access to GPP products

Two Different Sampler Pack Choices

Basic Sampler Pack - A selection of some of our most popular products.

Custom Sampler Pack - Make your own Sampler Pack if you have a specific use or application.

What Can You Do With A Sampler Pack?

  • Eat a meal using our cutlery
  • Try sugarcane tableware with different foods - test strength and durability
  • Match your predetermined portions with various sized cups
  • Fill a compostable trash/garbage bag
  • Let the products tell the story so you can order with confidence
  • Samples normally ship within 3 to 4 business days

    If samples are required earlier, please call us at 877-341-5464 toll free and make arrangements with our Customer Service Representative.
    Delays occur only if specific samples need to be retrieved from our warehouse

    Sampler Pack