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9" Classic Round Plate | Sugarcane & Bamboo

Compostable | Sustainable | Eco-Friendly

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$112.49 / case$0.22 each

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57.5miles of driving emissions
167.4days of bulb energy

Your purchases impact by choosing "Plant Based" vs. Styrofoam™

9" Round Compostable Plates | White

Eco-Friendly | Compostable Plates | Microwave Safe

  • Commercially Compostable
  • Microwave Safe
  • Plant Based Materials
  • BPA Free
  • Gluten Free

9" Classic Round Sugarcane Plates | Compostable Tableware Plate

Opaque and durable in design, these compostable paper plates are made from eco-friendly and renewable resources, sugarcane bagasse and bamboo fibers.  With this strong paper plate, you don't have to worry about leaking or your plate collapsing when carrying your plate to the table.  They are an environmentally friendly alternative to classic white paper plates that won't leave you with any regrets.  These compostable round 9" plates are perfect for use in a restaurant or cafe!  But they are also a great plate to use for birthday parties, graduation parties, cookouts, wedding showers, or really any kind of family get-together.  Let your dishwasher get some rest and save yourself some cleaning!  And go Green at the same time!


  • Compostable
  • No Trees!
  • Petroleum Free
  • Can be Refrigerated and Frozen
  • Microwave Safe
  • Made of Sugarcane Bagasse & Bamboo
  • Meets ASTM Standards for Compostability
  • Recommend Commercial Compost Facility


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Green Product: Compostable products are packaged using a recyclable polyolefin thermoplastic. Please protect our environment by recycling all packaging.

Product Specifications:

0.8" (19.1mm)
Top Diameter:
9" (228.6mm)
Bottom Diameter:
6.9" (174.6mm)
Responsible Products

Case Details:

Case Quantity:
Case Weight:
18.5" (470mm)
13" (330mm)
9.6" (245mm)

Product Certifications:

USDA BioBased

This product is commercially compostable where accepted.


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