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How Túv Austria / OK Certifications Allow You To Make Better Product Decisions

Posted on 7/19/2022

in Sustainable Practices

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Túv Austria cert. GMBH is a well-known international certification and monitoring group. Being a global active certification union, Túv Austria specializes in safety, quality, and products that leave a reduced impact on the environment. Since their inception, they have become one of the top institutions for independent certifications of products. 

Through monitoring, inspection, and certification, the Túv Austria professionals vent the full potential of all business products, processes, employees, and plants. Their mark is key to sustainable competitiveness and a reliable partner in the environment, education, and technology for future and business success.

Túv Austria Certificates Classification

A product certificate assures that a product meets an established requirement. The certificate states the core standards based on which they test a product. Comparable test marks give customers a clear proof of quality to serve as a well-grounded decision-making backing when selecting a product. Recognized test marks are validation that an independent third party has checked for product-specific quality. Based on an end-user survey, about 90% of respondents prefer reviewing and confirming manufacturer advertising statements.

Túv Austria Certificates is split into the following:

OK Biobased Certificate

Due to the growing environmental awareness among end-users, there's a thriving merchandising for products based on renewable raw materials. Environmentally-conscious inspiration on the customer's part is the reason why there's a need for high-quality, independent assurance of raw materials renewability. The OK biobased certification meets that specific need well.


Composting can significantly cut the volume of organic waste, while the compost produced can be used for horticultural and agricultural purposes. Almost 50% of all domestic waste consists of organic materials. This figure is set to rise in the future due to the increasing popularity of sustainable products such as compostable plates and cutlery, packaging material, etc.

Because of the small volume of waste, a garden compost heap temperature is less constant and lower than in an INDUSTRIAL composting territory. As such, the composting process in the garden is slower-paced and difficult. Túv Austria's groundbreaking response to this threat was to develop OK compost Home to assure total biodegradability in the light of specific criteria, even in the garden compost heap.

OK Biodegradable Marine Certificate

Since most of the marine waste comes from the mainland, seawater biodegradation is a relevant feature for any packaging or product, irrespective of where they consume them. A supplier investing in this feature for their packaging or product can verify that the information follows international standards.

OK Biodegradable WATER Certificate

OK Biodegradable water-certified products are assured to be biodegradable in fresh water in the natural environment. As such, it contributes to lessening waste in lakes and rivers, reducing harm for animals in these ecosystems. 

OK Biodegradable Soil Certificate

Soil biodegradability provides massive benefits to horticultural and agricultural products. This is because these products can decay on the spot after use. The OK biodegradable soil mark assures that the product is compostable in soil and free from any severe environmental effects.

Shop Certified Products

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