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Wheat Straw Fiber

Posted on 4/8/2022

in Eco-Friendly Materials

Wheat Straw Fiber Field

You already know that we use wheat for many well-known, everyday products like bread, flour, and other consumables like pasta. But did you know that we can utilize this renewable resource the help replace plastic, styrofoam, and other dangerous, synthetic materials in our foodservice industry?

What Is Wheat Straw Fiber?

Wheat straw is the byproduct or leftover once wheat grain is harvested. The individual fibers of the straw contain “lignin’. Lignin is a naturally occurring ingredient in plants to give them the durability they need to stay upright during growth. Once broken down, lignin can then be combined with other materials to create a moldable substance used for product creation. Thankfully, lignin can be broken down using a naturally occurring, bacterium-based acid without synthetic chemicals.

The Perks of Wheat Straw Products

Wheat straw fiber offers reliable, heavy-duty durability and performance due to the fibrous nature of the plant. It is even heat-resistant for temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that manufactured wheat straw products can be microwaved for increased consumer convenience. Wheat straw products are also naturally anti-bacterial and odor-free!

The all-natural manufacturing ingredient doesn’t just come with benefits for the consumer but also for the environment. Unlike the production of plastic, wheat fiber does not require toxins during the manufacturing process due to its natural sturdiness. It is entirely compostable and can decompose in a home or commercial composting facility.

Is Wheat Straw The Answer to Some of Our Greater Environmental Issues?

Since wheat straw is a byproduct, it does not require any additional farming to create the material needed for eco-friendly alternatives. In fact, if the wheat straw is not utilized after harvest, it is frequently burnt, which releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Therefore, repurposing the debris not only provides an impressive zero-waste alternative but eliminates the excess environmental damage of the removal process.

Wheat straw is incredibly versatile, meaning we can utilize the ingredient to create a plethora of paper products, including plates, cups, textbooks, notepads, and so much more. This process could eliminate the need for deforestation, which may help us avoid severe environmental implications such as soil erosion, habitat loss, and increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Ready to Switch to Environmentally-Friendly Wheat Straw Fiber Products?

Looking to be a part of the change? Here at Green Paper Products, we ensure our tableware, household, and business essentials are made with ingredients that benefit you and the environment. Check out a wide array of our products, many of which are manufactured using eco-friendly wheat straw fiber.

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