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Kraft Paper Bags #20 | Brown Bag Lunch Bag | Compostable

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

25,082+ Store Reviews

100% Recycled Paper Lunch Bag | Case of 400

Manufacturer SKU:

$87.68 / case$0.22 each

    Package Size:

Kraft Paper Lunch Bags | Large

Recyclable Lunch Paper Bags

  • Commercially Compostable
  • Home Compostable
  • Recyclable
  • Recycled Materials
  • No Added PFAS
  • Heavy Duty

Large Kraft Lunch Bags | #20 Compostable Lunch Bags | No Added PFAS

BPI® Certified Compostable | Case of 400 | Made from Renewable Resources

Well, this one is not just for grownups, it's also for kids!  Have a school field trip coming up that requires the use of a compostable brown bag lunch?  Need a large compostable kraft bag for tasty treats that customers can take to-go?  Here you go!  Stop using plastic bags and use a bag that can be recycled or composted. These popular paper sacks are BPI®certified compostable in a commercial compost facility to compost within 180 days, which may not exist in your area. And better yet, these recyclable lunch bags are a great alternative to plastic bags and can also be recycled, where available!

  • Perfect for Take-Out from Cafes, Restaurants, Food Trucks
  • Great for School Lunch!
  • Plastic Bags Alternative
  • No Added PFAS
  • Recyclable!
  • Made from renewable resources
  • FSC® Certified
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI®) Certified Compostable

Products are packaged in recyclable paperboard and polyolefin plastic wrap. Please recycle all packaging where available. Recycling facilities may not be available in all areas.

Product Specifications:


Case Details:

Case Quantity:
Case Weight:
17" (431.8mm)
14" (355.6mm)
9" (228.6mm)

Product Certifications:

BPI Certified

FSC Certified

This product is compostable in many commercial and municipal compost facilities, which may not exist in all areas.


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