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Composting & Recycling

What is composting?

Composting is an entirely natural process that transforms organic materials into a highly valuable soil amendment. This unique resource has the exceptional ability to enhance the chemical, physical, and biological properties of soils as a source of organic (carbon) materials. Compost is created through the activities of aerobic microorganisms that rely on oxygen to carry out their work. These microbes thrive on a combination of oxygen, moisture, and food, which facilitates their growth and multiplication. By maintaining these conditions at optimal levels, the decomposition process is significantly expedited. The microbes generate heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide during the transformation of raw materials into a stable soil conditioner. Compost can be produced from an extensive range of feedstocks that include raw organic materials like leaves, manures, food scraps, wet/soiled papers, and certified compostable products.

Compostable products from Green Paper Products are intended to be composted in commercial and municipal composting facilities, which are not available in all areas. In addition, commercially compostable products are not intended for composting at home. Compostable products will not break down as intended in a landfill or other environment.

A disposable plate with food and disposable silverware.

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A disposable plate with disposable forks on top.
A disposable plate with disposable forks on top.
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